Nice equipment and some frags for sale


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Hi all I have some equipment from a frag tank that I had setup for about a month. I recently got a red sea max and tore the tank down. Everything was bought new and most has very little use

1. ATI PM 24x6 fixture with hanging kit 350.00$
Bulbs are ATI 1 purple plus 3 ATI blue plus 1 ATI Aqua blue 1 UV pure actinic The light has two fans and splash guard. the light and bulbs have 1 month or less use. the bulbs so no signs or any use like the black rings t5 get

2. B-Ionic doser 150.00$
This doses alk and cal on timers and uses pumps to push set amount in to tank comes with timers pumps and all nessary attachments to put on tank. fill the resivors with the supplements and forget for months

3. 37 gal tank 75.00$
not drilled with black pine stand. Tank has one month use no straches on either tank or stand.

4. Coralife super skimmer 65gal 75.00$

5. Frag tank 75.00$
22"x22" drilled comes with sand and is running now. Has 15 long for sump includes sock and sock holder from cpr the following are on it now

6. aqueon heater 250 watt 15.00$

7. ehiem return I know it does 200 gph return I have the box for it 50.00$

8. FRAGS random frags i have some acan bowerbank some favias and a large chalice if you tank any of the equipment Ill give them to you i just dont have room and the frag tank needs to go

call or text me 8157214362 Ill send pics over the phone via text Im in Rockford


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sorry havent been able to get on lately

frag tank sold
skimmer sold
frags sold

Now Im selling my really nice frags. not all unless price is right if your interested in coral and alot is top of the line from unique coral mid west world wide mr coral and reef kingdom hit me up and let me know what you are looking for ill send pics of text or you can come see


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I really cant list all my coral i would take pics but i lost my camera battery charger and haven't been able to find a replacement. My corals are healthy and I am only selling to make my 90 a fowlr and keep my red sea as my reef. A lot of people are texting and asking what I have and seem to just be wasting time. Here are pics from a while ago. I have a lot more coral now SPS I have a lot of frags. TEXT or Call for pics. Tomorrow during the day the lights will be on. I am really a nice guy just frustrated because I will send all these text and pics and just get left hanging. I HAVE VERY NICE CORAL Wouldn't but it if it wasn't healthy or unique. Sorry


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And my prices will be very good. Im just trying to get the coral to good homes and get a little of my money back. My red sea is awesome now and just want it to be reeef.


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You should really list the coral you are selling with prices attached, it'll save you the headache of dealing with a ton of texts and it's RC's rules. ;)