nitrates - levels and reduction?


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Can you tell me what is the good method to reduce / export nitrates..

Mine is at 20ppm and a 50% water change would only lower it to 10ppm once. I usually do 20% change so that hardly make a dent.

so, chaeto? DSB? Kent "nitrate sponges"? nitrate reactor?

I confess I have started to feeding my fish daily..

Is nitrate level close to 0 ideal for SPS?


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I have been battleing 10-20ppm Nitrate as well. I have cut back on my feedings to every second day, and got a bigger skimmer for export. Those 2 things coupled with weekly 20% water changes have brought the levels down to 5ppm over the last few weeks. I have 165lbs.Lr in a 125 gal. with a 30 gal. sump and 8 fish 3 of which are big tangs.