Nitrates with no nitrite spike?


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So i posted this in my build thread, but my thread isaint very interesting, so i figured i would get more response if i asked in a separate thread.

Hey RC.

Question about my cycle.

Info regarding my cycle- Cycle is just over two weeks in. Using an API test kit, expires 2018. Purchased all fully cured live rock from LFS. Live rock had been cured for at least 4 months prior to my purchase, most of it had probably been cured for 6+months.

I used 40 pounds dry sand, and 20 pounds CaribSea sand.

So my Amonia levels peaked at about .50 ppm and maintained that level for about 4 days. This weekend it began its decline and seems to have almost bottomed out to 0 today.

I have had nitrite readings of 0ppm the entire cycle thus far.

My Nitrate level is now at 5.0 ppm.

Does this seem par for the course with a fully cured live rock cycle?

I have Diotoms growing like crazy for the last 4 days or so, slowly engulfing my entire sandbed.

All hitchhikers that came on the live rock seem fine.

Someone mentioned i may have missed the nitrite spike. How quickly would it spike and decline? I have been testing every other day and nitrites have remained 0. I was just testing for Amonia and Nitrites though. Amonia has fluctuated up and down, but stayed pretty steadily between .25 and .5 ppm. When i saw the amonia decline drastically i decided i should test for nitrates and they tested at 5.0 ppm.

I was just really confused by not seeing any nitrite spike at all. Im also wondering if its time to start putting in some CUC with the diotom bloom? Im in no rush, and will accept any advice, just curious.

Thanks for any advice RC. You guys are great.


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The tank is most likely cycled now, but I would wait a week to be sure you don't have another ammonia or nitrite spike before adding your CUC and first livestock.