No. 1 tank issue. Why no sticky on Algae ID/treatment?


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One of the most common questions I see here is a variation of, "I have this algae growing in my tank, what is it and how do I get rid of it?" Sometimes it turns to cyano, Dino's, GHA, or a host of others. The ATS crowd pipes up (a valid contribution), or someone suggests over feeding, black out, GFO etc.
since it appears to be a common problem, especially, but not exclusively, for newer reefers, maybe someone smarter than me could write up a summary and we could get a sticky?


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This is a great idea.

I think that if most use the search function of this site, they could get all the information they need. However, most either don't know about the search function, or are too lazy to look for themselves and want an immediate answer. More than likely, the latter.

I am part of the ATS crowd. Algae needs nutrients to grow. So do our corals, fish, etc. It is the EXCESS nutrients that encourages the algae to grow. This will ALWAYS be an issue, unless there is some export method to reduce excess nutrients. It is not that hard....


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I agree on the sticky suggestion. I'll bet 99% of those in the hobby have searched here and elsewhere for answers/suggestions regarding algae, Dino, etc.

I'll vote for a sticky Nov 8th!

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May I vote for my FAQ about pest control - part 1 as sticky thread ? Or is this against forum rules

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If somebody can provide a thread giving PERSONAL pix of the following, I can edit it to provide info as to what cures it. I can't use pix that are from somebody else's site, copyright reasons. But if you took the photo and provide it for that use, I can attach the cure. I think one unified file with all the pix and answers would be most efficient.
The pix needed:
hair algae
macroalgae, eg, caulerpa
If I have those collected into one file, I can provide words and info.
Those would be a good start.


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Glad I'm not the only one that may find value in this. If "we" started with a general ID section, then covered the various options for dealing with it then it wouldn't have to be terribly long. Throwing in a list of things to try, like checking the TDS of you RO system, or even the concept of AlgaeFix Marine (though there is more debate on that one) could help someone with issues develop a plan.
In the ID section, it would be cool to have a summary of potential predators (no, a Sea Hare won't help your cyano problem).
Just more brainstorming. Wish I was knowledgeable enough to write it up myself.

Ron Reefman

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I hate to be the naysayer, but I think you will get lots of opinions and different ways to solve things. Some work for some people and some don't.

Are you familiar with the saying, "Ask 10 people for an answer to a marine aquarium question and you'll get 15 different answers."

But that's just my 2 cents. Give it a try and see if it works. It sure can't hurt.