no additives just food?


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I found your article very informative but I have a few questions.I currently have a 10 gallon.It is filtered by a tetratech150 and a rio 50 powerhead,lighting cosists of 39watts of PC.The only inhabitants are 4 hermit crabs,3 snails,and a peppermint shrimp.There is 12 pounds of fiji live rock and 10 pounds of live sand.In the future I plan on getting some low light corals.My questions are.Do I need to add anything to my tank but food?I test for ph,trite,trate,ammonia, do I need to test for anything else?Thank you in advance for any anwsers.

You will need to add calcium and probably spend some effort balancing calcium and alkalinity, but you certainly don't need to add any additives.