no live sand bed


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I personally wouldn't. I mean aside from being a breeding ground for microfauna, and being a great filter, it just looks good. I mean, were you just going to have a bare-glass bottom?


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Syphon it out. I wouldn't though. I like sand, it looks nice and brightens the tank.
But if you do syphon it, watch your NO3.


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What skimmer are you running and whats your turnover rate? Getting to the barebottom stage may take awhile due to disturbing the bed. however, after you are running BB, you need high flow to keep all the "poop" in suspension and a good skimmer to pull it all out. However, I went through the same things, removed a 4" bed in my 120 to go BB, and I haven't regretted it yet.

ralph bowers

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im running a etss super skimmer at 3600 gall per hour main pump is a reeflo hammerhead also two tunze 6101's with multicontroler plus 4 maxijet 1200's with a red sea wavemaker .