no polyps on Toadstool leather


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My beautiful toadstool leather's polyps have not opened in several days. All tank parameter's have been constant except temp went up about 4 degrees one day when the puppies dislodged the chiller cord. The temp was high only for an hour or so and slowly decreased to normal when I plugged the chiller back in.

I don't really think the temp issue is the cause but my finger leather on the otherside of the tank has not opened either for a couple of days either.

The color of both seem normal just no extension.


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You probably don't have anything to worry about....most softies will close up regularly for a couple of days, then shed a skin. It's their way of getting rid of algae overgrowth, or just coping with tank changes.

So don't worry!



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I agree with lancer I have a toadstool and it closed up for 3 days and shriveled up to almost nothing and low and behold one morning the had slime all over it and within 2-3 hours later the polups came out and now it looks better than it did before. Thanks goodness. Mine had to do with the salinity change when my tank overflowed and my auto topoff made the salinity go to 1.017. Sometime patience is the best thing!!!


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Try getting a little more flow to it...doing that will help it shed better. Be patient...I had a very stubborn toadstool leather close up for almost 3 weeks...shed like crazy for 2 days and ended up with green polyps.