No Water Cahnges For Two Months....


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The last time I did a water change was 2 months ago. I just my levels for the first time since then and my readings are 410, 7 & 1,200. I use regular IO and I don't have much going on in the tank.

Tank was setup in March using 95% dry rock. It's a 55. I do have 2 softball size pieces of live rock. My livestock is as follows

2 cleaner shrimp
2 peppermint shrimp
A few nassarius, cerith and astrea snails
A few hermits
starry blenny
yellow clown goby
2 feather dusters

hairy green mushrrom rock, about 15-20 heads
sun coral, about 20-30 heads
orange digitata 2.5-3"
open brain 3"
frogspawn 2 heads, about 4" extended
purple digitata 3" but is with many branches
war coral, large marshmellow size
Toadstool leather 6" across
Candy cane
2 softies
10-15 green palys

It's only in the past month or sop where I've noticed some coraline growing on the glass. powerheads and overflow. It's only a few spots.

I know my numbers need to be adjusted but they are not that far off from where they were 2 months ago when it was about 430, 8 & 1,300. I really thought they would have dropped a little bit.

I really need to add some more exciting livestock now. As you can imagine the shrimp only make brief appearances during the day and the starry blenny kind of just chills in the holes in the rock. The yellow clown goby always seems to get drawn into my overflow box. Twice I've had to fish him out of the sump and he's currently in the back part of my overflow box and has been there for 2 weeks or so. I think I'm just gonna throw him in my fuge, especially since the white spot on my orange digitata has magically disappeared since he got sucked into the overflow box. lol The only "active" fish is the firefish so that's not saying a whole lot. I did have a melanurus wrasse which was pretty awesome until he chowed down on a newly introduced cleaner shrimp. I only added another shrimp because the wrasse got along with the ones I had already. Oh well. I gave him away to a local guy the next day.


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Alk and Mg need adjustment as they are a bit low.

Right, thanks. I believe my readings were more like 8, 430, 1,300 when I last did a water change t months ago. I would have thought the numbers would have gone down a little more than that.