Noise from 6025


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I just put a 6025 in my tank and its making more noise than I would expect. I can best describe it as a raspy type hum.

For comparison purposes, I also have a Tunze 1073.03 in my sump and the 6025 is quite a bit louder than it.

Anything I can do to cut down on the 6025 noise?


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I would give it about a week to see if it does not run in as Tunze pumps do quiet down after initial instillation.
If this is not the case please PM Roger for assistance.



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I would try removing the drive unit, they put a small amount of vaseline on the parts now to ease start up and this can cause the stainless steel disk under the propeller to stick. Be very careful not to lose the stainless steel disk, it is like a very small washer, do not do this work anywhere it could fall down a drain. Remove the drive unit, wipe up the excess vaseline and reinsert the stainless steel disk and drive unit.