noisy overflow solution ?


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I was having problem with my hang on back overflow box making a lot of noise. I read the thread here on durso's etc and was planning on modififying the drain tube to a durso or some variant of that. In the meantime I decided to try just feeding an airline tubing down the drain tube. I inserted maybe a couple feet of airline tubing and left maybe 6 inches above the drain tube. It really has quited things down. Are there any problems with this?


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No problems at all.

This is what I use on mine and it's completely silent.
I tried various durso's (cost me a fair bit) but issue was solved by just inserting an airline tube.
I found that to make it completely silent all i had to do was vary how much of the tube was inserted, find the optimum silent depth, and use clips to hold it in place (cos after a while they tend to get sucked down).

Also various airline thickness depending on the diameter of your overflow holes.

Just remember to test it, i.e by turning off/on return pump a few times.



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Great..I couldn't think of any reasons it would cause problems, but I have though such things in the past that inevitably led to bad things! My first marriage would be a great example of that.