Noisy Pump!


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I recently purchased(in December) a acrylic 75 gallon with overflow and after much work getting the plumbing working (all while completing a major remodel on my house) I did a freshwater fill to test it out and the pump that I purchased with the tank is just too loud. It is an Iwaki WMD40-RLT. My wife's reaction when I turned it on was, "It's not gonna sound like that ALL the time is it?".

Frankly, the noise is a bit over the top, I was able to reduce the sound of the overflow but the pump and fan are just plain loud even with the cabinet doors closed.

Can anyone suggest a way to get the pump quieter OR if there is no solution to get the noise down can you suggest a good quiet pump (under $250) that will do the job?


Ryan Kamp
Everett, WA

Setting the pump on a rubber pad (like a mouse pad) might help. It's external, right? You don't want a mouse pad touching the water column.

What type of fan does the setup have?
I have placed the pump and the sump on mouse pads to reduce the vibrations. The fan is integrated into the pump(yes it is an external pump)

Ryan Kamp
Everett, WA
Hmm, I think you're going to want to search for a new pump. You could try soundproofing the stand, I guess. I'm not an expert on pumps in that size range, so hopefully someone else will add some comments.