Noob w/ rehomed setup. Thoughts ?


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First off thank you for any experienced persons taking the time to read and comment.
My setup
50 gallon Seaclear II with built in over flow and sump. (I hope I said that correctly feel free to correct) 36"x15"x20"
Sump has 5 baffled chambers.
First chamber off overflow: full of live rock and has a bonded filter pad on top. Triangular shape; size 4" x 8"
Second chamber; a heater and 1 red mangrove plant, chamber size 4"x4"
Third chamber;size 1"x4" egg create. Completely confused about this.
Fourth chamber; 1/2 full with live rock on the bottom, perforated basket with 3" stiff filter looking pads. They restrict flow a bit forcing water into Purigen pad. 4"x10" chamber size
Fifth Chamber; Triangular shaped the balance of the tank 13"x4". Just the pump. Automatic water top off.

Bare bottom tank about 50# live rock.

1 hermit
1 turban
1 turbo
Red slug
bony starfish
emerald crab
There was another large hermit and large snail 2 weeks ago but I have not found them. (I aquascaped)

Clown Trigger 2-1/2" (docile)
Cinnamon Clownfish 2" (holds his ground)
Blue Figi Damsel 1-1/2" (scared of his shadow)
Damsel, 3" teal blue most of his body, lighter green finish to his dorsal and tail. I don't know exactly what kind he is. I can't find a match, I have looked. (nasty aggressive, always chasing everyone!!)

Mushroom corals, (popping up all over the tank now)
Yellow hammer
Green Zoa and assorted poly , single heads I can't identify.
Another small coral I can't identify.

I bought this tank a month ago from someone that put it together over the course of a year. The rehoming went smooth but LR haphazardly located. I aqua scaped 2 weeks ago. Some little flare up of red algea, bubbled up, bloomed, and two days later gone. Coralline algea on most rocks. One large (2-1/2") hermit and snail haven't been seen since re-acqua scaping.
I have done a 15 gallon ro/di water change every 2 weeks.
API test results
0 ppm Nitrate
0.125 ppm Ammonia (could be zero, but erroring on the side of caution)
0 high Ph
0 ppm Nitrite
Salt 1.021
temp 80d

So far so good as far as I can tell. I hate to rock the boat or fix what isn't broke but I was looking to redo the tank a bit. It looks disorganized and ugly to me. Compared to some of the beauties on this site. Reef jealousy set in. The right side has 8 small holes coming from the pump chamber providing some good flow (blows fish right around almost) in an 'L' shape running along the right and bottom side of the tank. I want to add some corals and a couple fish. My son, whom I am doing all this for, is big on a snowflake eel. I have a friend that swears by them and I won't loose, shouldn't loose, live stock to the eel if he's small enough. I am on the fence.

I am thinking about adding a flame angel or brown powder tang.
I need to replace the snail and hermit that are MIA.
I want to add a porcelain crab and tuxedo sea urchin.

I want to add LR to the bottom instead of sand to lock in my corals that keep getting knocked over. I was thinking that I would slowing add LR to the sump and take the existing LR out of the sump and put it in the display part of the tank. I was thinking it would stay in the dark and keep any algea blooms under control.
Would it be better to do a shallow layer of crushed corals and/or sand?
I wanted to add a layer of LR to lock in all the corals I have/plan on getting. Also to help the ones I have from getting knocked over all the time.
I was planning on having the right side for higher current inhabitants and the left for slower current. Kind of forcing all the water born stuff to make its way through the largest piece of LR I have before going into the overflow.

The person I purchased this from said he's had the setup completed like this for over 6 months and no issues ever.

I thought a skimmer would be necessary but I am totally baffled as to what kind. I am of the sort that would rather the extra money as get something good than get something that will get me by and break later.
Tunze, hydor slim, Reef Octopus. It'll be either in the built in sump or HOB.

Also I like the idea of the mangroves so I have the notion to create a drip tray across the largest chamber with 4 mangroves beneath in hopes of cleaning out some of the nitrates. If not at least it'll look nice with the plants on top.

So in a nut shell.
1. Who is the better new tank mate?
I promised my son he could buy a fish with his tooth fairy money.

2. Whats the best way to introduce new LR?

3. Can someone please recommend a reliable HOB protein skimmer?

- Joe


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One more thing, Marineland 36" Reef Led light setup.
Comes preset to go on for 12 hours, alternating white and blue lights.
Is that too long? I can adjust the timer.