Not happy, I replaced my Sunpod Metal Halide bulb, now what!


In Memoriam
I have had the sunpod mh for over a year, and felt that it was time to change the bulb, only because i read that it does not put out the spectrum it should after 10 - 12 months, i went from the 150 w 14,000 k to the 150 w 20,000 k radium bulb from marine depot $89.99. Any way i read the reviews, and i wanted bluer light to. well i switched it out last night. and noticed for my 3 min test last night that there was less blue than my 14,000 mh( meaning it looks white, and it had a very quick fliker to it, like 20-30 times pers sec, when you look hard you can tell i t flickers otherwise not to obvious. Now after 12 hour of use today,, it is the same. Now i dont remeber anything like this with the last bulb, Does it just need to be broken in ( 100 hours) or is this a bad bulb