Not much luck- Phosphate Reduction-HELP!!


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2 weeks ago I added a phosban reactor to my 210 gallon tank filled with 250 ml of RowaPhos. My phosphates at that time were .5. Very high. Since that time I have done a massive water change (Filtered ocean water- delivered to me), did a thorough cleaning of tank and sump to get rid of detritous flaoting. Water change was 80%. Water coming out od reactor still measures highh. .3-.5. I am using a red sea test kit. Any suggestions how to reduce further. A second reactor? Replace old Rowaphos that is but 2 weeks old?

Really need advice.
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check the phosphate in the new water befor adding it. the phosphate might be in the make up water. cut back on feeding
I did not have good luck w/ the Red Sea tests myself, do you have anyone with another test kit near you??

I don't use Rowaphos, I use phosban in a filter bag. I initially had higher phosphates .3 or so. I used phosban at about 5x the normal dose (I hear Rowaphos is MUCH stronger though) and after about a week w/ small waterchanges daily and changing the media once, I now have nearly undetectable phosphates.

I read a very long thread about Rowaphos last night, and I would be careful with the stuff....FWIW
if the rowaphos isnt working then maybe you are putting too much flow through the reactor and not giving it enough contact time to do its job. dont know really, since i use phosalock

should I

should I

should I change media? Flow thru reactor is a very slight tumble.

Should I put 2x rowaphos in reactor?
Re: no phosphate

Re: no phosphate

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no phosphate in makeup ocean water

By 'makeup' water he meant the fresh water used to top off the tank due to evaporation, not the water change water which is saltwater. So if your makeup/topoff water is not RODI, you may be putting phosphates in with that water.
Rowaphos is supposed to be the best on the market. Maybe try posting the question in the Deltec USA forum, since Deltec distributes the Rowa products. There are some Rowa experts in that forum.
I used rowa b4.
Reactor, canister, bag in the sump, used all diff methtods.
None worked.
high flow, low flow, super low flow in fluidized
got nill results, same with phosban.

Tried Phosguard and other AL based po4 removers and they worked.