Not quite back in yet but got a few things FS


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Sup guys,

I picked up a tank about 2 weeks ago and got some equipment that I won't be needing so here it is. All prices are OBO or for trade.

Would like to trade for:

-250 Watt Ice Cap Ballast
-Aqua Controller Jr & DC8
-Lumenarc Mini's
-Eheim Return pumps
-H&S Skimmer or Bigger Euro Reef
-3/4" Sea Swirls

Euro Reef RS 8-1 $230, 8 month used with a crack which I repaired



CPR Sump (Brand New), dim 23L x 20H x 12D- $60

Coralife 2 x 96 Watt PC (6 month used), $80 Each


Thanks for Looking guys


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Yep we sure did, We've been in the house for about 2 months now. Still settling in but we're getting there, the process is much much..... longer with a 4 month old needing attention every 5 minutes but I can't complain being a daddy is by far the most joyful thing I have ever experienced.


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Thanks guys, I must admit I really do miss the hobby and it's only been a little over two months since I sold my last tank. I really want to setup the 180 I got ASAP but the big boss lady put a hault to that real fast so we agreed Nov/Dec will be the tank setup date. But in the mean time I'll be building my stand and canopy and that's always fun!!