Not Tasty?


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I have a yellowbar angelfish, and my guide book says that he can be kept with "small polyp stony corals, as well as some of the more noxious soft corals." However, it doesn't say what these soft corals are. Does anyone have any idea? I just watched him destroy a beautiful colony of green star polyps before they could ever even extend. I have also had a rock covered with zooanthids picked clean overnight, and a small frag of xenia eaten over the course of a week, but I don't know if he had anything to do with these incidents. What soft corals can I keep with this pig of a fish?


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I assume youre referring to a maculosus angel? If that is the case, they arent particularly coral-safe (as youre finding out). I wouldnt trust them with SPS, and certainly nothing fleshy (LPS, clams, musrooms, zoas, etc). Soft corals may be ok, but think larger, leather types. Toadstools may have a chance, as may nephthids (though not all are particularly noxious). I wouldnt risk any of them though. If you keep the angel well fed- small feedings twice a day perhaps- then you may have a chance of it being content, and not picking at youre reef, but I would recommend a seperate tank instead. Keep in mind, these angels grow particularly large, so give him plenty of room to grow/swim.