Not the same! Bad sick fish being shipped.


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Bluezoo is not the same place I guess. This order I got 3 out of 5 sick or dead fish.

I purchase a flame angel, blue tang, sixline wrasse, royal gramma, and yellow tang.

Flame angel is dead, blue tang is dead, Yellow tang is scratching.


Im running paraguard to try to save what's left but wow. They have emailed me and said they will issue a store credit for the flame angel.

I will wait a bit to see what they are going to say about the others before I begin saying anything more without giving them a chance to make this right.


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Were these fish QT'd? Did you treat them with anything prior to pacing them in the display? How old is your tank?

I know for a fact that BZ would ship fish in that condition.


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Yes the fish were placed in a QT and they are still there, the fish order is only about 8 day's old. I do not add anything to the display until at least 4 weeks of QT, and prophylactic treatments. Paraguard / prazipro. Prazi first, then paraguard.

My display is a year old, the live rock in it is over 3 years old in my care. Water in the QT is replaced with old water from my display.

The problem I am having with this is the fish were sick from day 1.
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To anyone following up on my thread.

I just got an email back from bluezoo and have been credited back for the fish.

I am happy with this and they did stand by their product.

I will be waiting a while before making any more fish purchases.

I am interested to know what their holding tank procedures are and if they have changed them recently because like I stated before this is not the same blue zoo quality of fish I am used to.


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Just curious what was the temperature of the water in the shipping container? I placed an order and the temp was very very low and I ended up losing the fish because they looked horrible and the temp was 25f lower than my tanks at home.


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The temperature was at 72. I don't think that would really have been to bad for them in my case. The fish did come in with parasites. I think further observation on bluezoo's part of these fish would have probably saved them if they use any type of treatment like it says on their website.

I called and asked what their salinity / specific gravity was at and the guy said same as the ocean 1.026 depending on time of year.

I measured the water that they came in with a calibrated refractometer and it was at 1.021. My refractometer is supposed to be auto temp correction also so I am wondering if they don't run their stock tanks at a lower salinity.


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You got a refund to your credit card or you got a store credit that expires?

Credit card credit back. I feel extremely lucky regarding this. But I did say I would purchase from them again to replace the fish.

I am going to wait till my other fish are out of QT first. Will try blue zoo again in the fall so there is more reasonable temperatures outside.

Already hitting 100 earlier this week.