November Pics

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I take status report pics every month or two. Below is the ones from the last set that are clear enough to share. For history pics see my coral list.

Acans - in general the PE on my acans is down a little. I think it might be due to reducing my phosphates to undetectable with a DD phosphate kit.


Pic #1: Acans - Green and Purple


Pic #2: Acans - Red and Blue

Acros - in general doing very well. Good color, PE and growth.


Pic #3: ATL acro bonsai from Kevin Cowan


Pic #4: Jesus Stag from Frag Swap - Growing Rapidly, nice color


Pic #5: Miami Orchid Arcro - small one from Kevin Cowan, big one from frag swap
The polyps are very colorful but bringing out the purple on the flesh isn't easy.


Pic #6: ORA Red Planet from AquaLife


Pic #7: Pastel Acro - New Acquisition from YourReef
This is one of the very colorful wild collected corals that John has been brining in recently. Unlike most of the wild collected corals I get, this didn't brown out. Anyone know what species this is?


Pic #8: Pink Lemonade from Xia


Pic #9: Wild Collected rainbow acro from YourReef
This is another one of my recent acquisitions from YourReef
Like most of the wild collected corals I get, this one browned out. When they brown out like this they usually take around three months to come back. I've moved it back onto the rocks. Yes, that's brown cyano on my frag rack. Seems to come hand in hand with vodka dosing for me.


Pic #10: Another wild collected rainbow acro from YourReef
This is another one of my recent acquisitions from YourReef
Like most of the wild collected corals I get, this one also browned out.
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Page 2

Page 2


Surf-n-turf acro


Yellow Stinger Acro from Dr. Doug
Doing well for a yellow stinger. They are a slow grower.


Unknown acro from Paul Betito and Mike Bedford


Crayola acro (acro desalwii)
One of my favorites


Blue Gomezeii
One of my favorites


MARS Lokani - Frag
This was the longest branch from my main colony. My new pheonix bulbs are a bit much for the main colony so I moved this accidental frag lower.


MARS Lokani - Main Colony
Growing away from the light.


Acro mille from Xia
Nice flesh color but the polyps are brown


Hunter green acro mille


Tri-color acro nana from Xia

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Page 3


Pic #1 - Wild collected blue tipped acro plana from YourReef
Unlike most of most of my wild collected specimens, this one didn't brown out.

Now the chalices. In general they are doing well.


Pic #2 - Bubble gum monster chalice knockoff - MARS Raffle Table
Paul Betito picked this up.


Pic #3 - Tyree Original LE Blue Chalice from YourReef

Cyphastreas - Doing well


Pic #4 - Meteor Shower from YourReef


Pic #5 - Branching cyphastrea from YourReef

Mushrooms - doing well


Pic #6 - Strawberry Patch Mushrooms

Montis - Doing well


Pic #7 - Bloody Mary Monty from Steve Tyree


Pic #8 - Poker Star (AKA Rainbow) Monti from Steve Tyree


Pic #9 - Superman Monti from Kim Whitfield
These guys require a lot of light to color up. If you compare this to my previous photos you'll notice it has lost a lot of color. I moved it down four inches. I recently move a large piece of it up to see if it would color up again.


Pic #10 - Orange Cap Monti
I'm trying to mix this with the green cap you see in the pic.

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Page 4


Pic #1: Monti Setosa

Pocillporas - Doing well


Pic #2: Rainbow Poci

Seriataporas - Improving from good to better.


Pic #3: ORA Bird of Paradise
I thinned (removed whole branches) this one about a month ago. The yellow base is much more prominant now.


Pic #4: ORA Metalic Green Birdsnest


Pic #5: Rainbow Birdsnest from Chris Chadwick
Coloring up nicely


Pic #6: Rainbow Stylophora
About the same

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Page 1, Pic #9 is Not Cyano

Page 1, Pic #9 is Not Cyano

FWIW - I have it from a reliable source that that brown slime is a diatom, not cyano.


Jeeper in my free time
All i can say is.....WOW

Your tank looks amazing. I havent seen it in almost 2 years now, and it looks better than before.

Brian Prestwood

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Hey Matt

Thanks - I've still got several very nice shrooms from your tank. I'll have to include some pics of them in the next round.

Hey Paul

Thanks, it looks like yours is starting to take off too.

blue44magnum, who dat?

Hey Doug

Thanks, but I don't think mine is in that league. Maybe in a couple of years if I can keep this unprecidented success up. I've got to erradicate the @#$$ brown button polyps.