nudibranch ID


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Ok so our camera just died literaly as we were turning it on, But after I did a FW dip on a flat worm infested zoa colony I have I found this small thing coming out. At first I thought it was another stomatella as I just pulled two others off the same colony five minutes before but as I got a closer look it didnt have a thumbnail shapped shell like they do. I believe it is a nudibranch, it is an off-white with brown spots all over it, it is reared up "standing on its hind legs" so to speak and has a flap like appendage open up where I believe its mouth is, and "twirls" or spins around in a circle. I know this will be very tough to identify but if anyone could provide some insight if this thing is good or bad I would greatly appreciate it. Untill then he will float in a tupperware in the new tank I am setting up.

Thank you so much, and as always, Happy Reefing :wave: