Nutramin F


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i got it... i used it in combination with the reef roids, DT oyster eggs, cyclopeeze, blackpowder, phyto, zoplan, and marine snow.. i get great results from the products together but i have yet to use it alone..


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gabe, how often do you dose food and how much per gallon?
once again, thanks for letting us know about the free sample, i received mine but don't know what to do with it yet


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I feed once a week with pumps off for 2 hours. i use a teaspoon of reefroids and marine snow a pinch of oyster eggs 1/2 a teaspoon of everything else and an icecube size chunk of frozen cyclopeeze. The corals really slime up with this combo...


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I have 30 samples for the MASLAC group at the meeting this Saturday,
the first people to buy raffle tickets get a sample. Dennis


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I got my sample, but my fish seem to really like the stuff more than the corals. It was for the corals right? but anywho the corals are looking great anyways!