Nuvo 15 Fusion -First Reef Tank


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Hello all, starting a journal for my first reef tank. I started this tank in April 2023. I've had my fair share of ups and downs already but loving the challenge of the nano and saltwater tanks in general.

  • IM Nuvo 15 Gallon Fusion
  • InTank Media Basket
  • Jebao SLW-10
  • AI Prime 16HD
  • Generic Heater
  • MightyJet DC return pump
  • Kraken lid
  • Filter Floss
  • BRS Carbon
  • Maxspect Ceramic media balls
  • 5% weekly water changes ( failsafe )
  • 1x Mangrove
  • Redsea blue bucket
  • 2x a week Reef Fuel
  • 2x a week All for Reef
  • 2x Blastomussa
  • Long Tentacle Toadstool
  • Red Acan
  • 3x Ricordea mushrooms
  • Candy Cane
  • Duncan
Coral Food:
  • 2x a week Reef Roids ( slushy direct feeding )
  • Astrea, bumblebee, trochus and cerith snails ( 6 total )
  • Fighting conch
  • Urchin

Future Plans: Toying around with the idea of getting a new light. My AI Prime has nothing but issues when it comes to connecting to the WiFi. I would like to add a fish down the line but haven't settled on what just yet. I will transfer to a bigger 60ish gallon peninsula tank with a sump once these corals outgrow this tank.


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It's a good pump. Almost too strong for a tank this small. I have it on the lowest setting. I am not utilizing the wireless capability so I can't comment about that
Good to know. I’m looking at getting SLWs for my tank. I have one of the gyres and unless I just don’t know how to use it, it’s meh at best.
I did a lot of research on fish and I think I settled on having a purple dottyback. It will be the only fish I house in this tank. I wouldn't mind a clown but I'm not a fan of having my hand attacked if I needed to do anything inside of the tank lol. I'm going to check some LFS around here for a dottyback this weekend. A side note , I have noticed a ton of these small snails popping out of nowhere. I believe they are called collonista snails?


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Could also be baby trochus snails. Trochus tend to breed in home aquaria
I was thinking that could be a possibility too as I have witnessed one of the trochus snails spawning a month or so back. However, the shells on these guys are round like a turbo?
New coral addition.... I may need some help with figuring out if this is a micromussa or favia ? Pictures are not great so it might be hard to tell lol


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