NVR BOD Election and Nominations


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Hey everyone,

The entire BOD thinks this year has been a really huge turning point for the club. We have had some AWESOME speakers, raffles and events and want to make sure we keep the bar raised high heading into 2010!

We are looking for new BOD members to keep NVR running smooth next year. At our August meeting we will be holding elections for the upcoming year with each member of the club getting one vote.

So we are looking for nominations for our BOD positions listed below. Nominations are open up to everyone and you can nominate yourself or another individual. Please use this thread and forum for our nominations. We will hold the vote and announce the new BOD for 2010 at the conclusion of August's meeting.

Here are the descriptions of the position below, more information can be found in the official club bylaws at: http://nvreefers.org/other_files/bylaws3-0.pdf?PHPSESSID=90c1f4757d26d2ebef8301cb35e73c6e

The President shall be responsible for the overall operation of the organization. The President shall chair the monthly general membership meetings, and Board of Directors meetings, and shall appoint all select committees, with or without assistance from the other Officers. In addition the President shall assist the Vice President with execution of legal documents.

Vice President:
In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall chair the monthly general membership meeting and the Board of Directors meeting. The Vice-President shall be primarily responsible for execution of legal documents with assistance from both the President and the Treasurer. The Vice President shall also review financial statements on a monthly basis.

The Treasurer shall keep the financial books of the organization, which shall include tracking all income and expenditures. The Treasurer shall provide a monthly financial report at each board meeting, and shall submit a budget for the coming year at the January Board of Directors meeting. The Treasurer shall pay any pre-determined amounts as may have been authorized by the Board, and all bills presented to, and approved by majority vote at a Board of Directors meeting. The Treasurer shall also collect membership fees and raffle ticket cash at meetings of the organization and special events when applicable, and maintain the membership roster. When requested the Treasurer will assist the Vice President in preparing legal forms.

The Recorder shall record the minutes of each meeting of the monthly general membership meeting, and the Board of Directors. During club meetings the Recorder shall be provided a list of all donations to be raffled and record the donating party and the winner of each of them.


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I was hoping to be in charge of the annual winter ice cream social ;) Wait we don't have that position....

Proudly accept the nomination but always welcome competition ;)


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It would be great to have everyone stay on board as is, but Lak and Jacob have but in more than enough time over the last 5 years holding the club together----they both deserve a break from official club duties to be just members and hobbyists for a bit and therefore are off the ballots :)

I do nominate my fellow BOD member Brian M for either VP or treasurer....have a choice Brian ;)


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My nominations for the BOD of NVR for 2010. My nominations are based of forum participation, demeanor and etiquette, and insight on the overall operation of NVR. :)

President- Brian (bbl_nk)

Vice President- Brian (brianbigoats)

Treasurer- Mac (macfin)

Recorder- Dan (chiefmarvin)


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WTB more Brians. We should fill each spot with a Brian. Pretty sure we have enough of them to fill all the spots!


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Shoot, if I wasn't so busy I would nominate myself for something. Brians and Ryans....shoot it would be a hoot for the names hahahaha


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When you get done with school Ryan, we have a BOD post waiting for you :)

Good nominees Ryan! Mac and Dan, how does it sound? It's really only as painful as you make it :) It's a fun way to collaborate and steer the direction of the club to be a fun and welcoming place for every hobbyist!


Hey Guys,
Thanks for even considering me to a BOD position. Unfortunately timing does not allow me to accept it. Sorry but I can barely make the Bimonthly meeting. Thanks again.


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Just wanted to give this a bump bump and make sure everyone thinks it over in time for our next meeting :)


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wow! just elevate the positions, other than Jacob and lak. yes those 2 have been a tremendous force behind NVR and they do need a break. So basically I kind of agree with chiefmarvin. So why not jut replace those 2 positions?


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Hey everyone....

Please give this some thought and see about donating some time to help build this great club and push this wonderful hobby. Without your participation, its hard to keep up with the great speakers and schedule we've been pushing out. The job is not too terribly time consuming and it helps bring the joy of the hobby to our members!

If you are interested and CANNOT make the meeting, please PM my and let me know and we'll add you to the list of potentials. Otherwise, just come to the meeting!

So far we have interested in a BOD position for 2010:

Brian B - President
Jeff/???? -- VP
Brian M -- Treasurer
Jeff/???? -- Recorder