Nyos 220 overflowing


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I had my Nyos 220 well tuned but had to turn it off to repair the stand it sits on in the sump. When I turned it back on, the skimmer was overflowing. I opened the water and air control knobs all the way and took the collection cup off, but the skimmer has been over flowing for 5 days. If I close the air control knob at all, then it overflows with huge amounts of bubbles. It is about 8" of water. HELP!

Thank you.


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When mine overflows, I open it wide open like you did, but I don't take the cup off, I empty the cup, sometimes 4 or 5 times, until it stops overflowing. When it's settled down, i restrict the flow again to the point that it's bubbling all the way up, but not overflowing, and let it run a while, empty the cup if necessary, and then restrict it further until I've got it set back to the way I want it.