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Just wondering what kind of other pets you guys/gals have besides the tanks. If you're like me it doesn't end with fish and corals.


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couple fat cats


and mah boy LoKi



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Just our old man Beagle Snoopy. The kids want a rabbit, but the snoopster would surely eat it. He eats any of them he can catch in the yard, and he does catch them.


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right now we have fish , frogs , and dogs . there were times that the place looked like a zoo . off the top of my head , we have had lots of different lizards , birds , hamsters , and guinee pigs .


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4 turtles (3 red eared sliders, 1 honduran wood)
2 cats
2 dogs (1 shepherd mix, 1 catahoula leopard)
1 fresh water planted community tank
1 african cichlid tank


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I use to have a rabbit but he died on us. Never have a desire to keep a rabbit again. THey don't show if they're sick so usually by the time you know they are sick its too late.

I liked having a rabbit but they kicked their crap everywhere and the whole hiding their sickness thing was annoying.


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Australian Cattle Dog.

More than enough dog for anyone. He is like a jack russel on steroids. Tries to herd everything squrrels, birds, deer, rabbits, kids, adults, dogs, cats, bikes, motorcycles you name it if it moves he has tried to herd it.

He will eat anything. The only time he ever got sick is when he snatched something off the ground on a July 5th in Lincoln Park. It had been over 100* for a week and the only thing left on the ground was a big pile of ants.

Oh yeah, he loves to roll in everything the worse smelling the better.

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Aside from the couple of fish in my tank, the wife and I used to have an elderly cat, but we had to put him down a few months ago because he was very sick.

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I have my German Shepherd puppy that is now about 11 months old. Love of my life. Well that is except my wife and mother:)


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What are these "other" pets you speak of? You mean there are pets that don't require salt water to survive?

How odd! :D


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Wait you mean they drink freshwater. Well that would make water changes easier if i didn't have to make a batch of water for the fish, cat, and dog.