o2manyfish - 560g Dirty Tank Update - Hopefully Cleaner Soon


Been awhile since an update. The tank has been plodding along. The algae growth in the 560g is a pain in the butt. To enjoy the tank requires a daily wipe on the glass and in the last couple of months Cyano has overtaken the sand bed. The rest of the tanks in the system have no algae problems, it's only the display tank inside. The params on the tank have gotten a little out of whack. Phosphates as always are aroung 1.5 to 1.6. But the Nitrates have fallen to under 1.0.

So last week I did a dose of Chemi-clean, and next week after the 2nd water change I will start dosing nitrates and try to get some balance back. With the crazy algae growth the corals still look good, not great, but good, with some stags and torts growing well.

Here is a video of the tank last week before dosing the chemiclean.



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Hey Dave, how have you been? I was at Capitan Ron’s a few moths ago and was thinking about you.

Tank looks great!

Don’t sweat cyano, It’s not a problem until it is.