o2manyfish - Adding a new bucket list fish


After 3 decades in this hobby, with the help of good friends and good luck I have had the opportunity to collect most of the fish on my bucket list. While sadly we lost several of those with the velvet outbreak last year, we still have several. And yesterday I brought home another bucket list fish - I hate to say Holy Grail fish, because let's face it that title is so overexaggerated pretty soon it's going to be applied to a Scopas Tang, oh wait the Koi Scopas - A holy grail fish - they already have. So here is my bucket list fish. A captive bred Interruptus Angel. About 2" and cute as a button.

Dave B


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Thank you for sharing Dave! Same as you the Japanese pygmy angelfish is on my list and has been for the last 20+ years. It seems to be readily available now through multiple sites, but still a bit too rich for my blood. I think someday I will be able to have this prized specimen in my tank, but glad to see other people in SoCal keeping it in their tanks!


It's Landshark, aka SNL
Feeling kind of sad watching this now. Condolences, this is a great hobby. Most all veteran reefers have scar tissue from events like what your going through at the moment. Persevere and build it back even better. 👍🤘