Ocean Mang's 125 upgrade.....where the fish have an ocean view

Ocean Mang

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I am converting my 125 gallon reef ready tank to sps. It is in the lobby of the resort I manage. The tank sits about 10 yards from the sand and about 50 yards from the Atlantic Ocean. I currently have a 65 gallon reef ready full of some really healthy sps. My plan is to move these in once the tank is ready. In order to get it ready, I emptied it of all rock and softies. I wet vac'd it and then refilled with freshwater for a day. I dried it out today. I did all this to remove chance of any pests. My rock is really great shape Fiji stuff, but is also very old and full of who knows what. So, instead of cooking, I decided to pressure wash, or should I say pay my son a dollar a rock to pressure wash. Here are the pics.


Hopefully my cora pet #3 sand comes in tomorrow. If so, I plan on putting my rock back in, adding some salt water, and letting the cycling begin.

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