Oceanic 58 Gallon Stand Owners: How big of a SUMP tank can I fit?


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I'm trying to figure out what sizes of sumps I can stick under a oceanic 58 gallon's stand? It's a 36 x 18 x 32 stand, but I'm not exactly sure how big of a sump I can put underneath.

I'm planning a 24" x 18" x 16" sump, though not sure if that will fit?

Anybody have the stand? What size sumps do you have?



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my brother has a 29 gal under his

what are the dimensions of the 29 gallon?


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neat, so about 14 3/8" total width under the stand?

But you probably also need some extra room to squeeze the sump in in the first place =/

I'll goto the LFS and try to fit different sized tanks they have into the stand.


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I have an Oceanic stand for a tank that is 18" deep fron to back (its for a 125, but both a 58 and a 125 are 18" deep front to back). The space available inside the stand for the front to back depth is just slightly more than 15.75 inches, so a 16 inch deep tank will not fit inside the stand. It has to be a little narrower than that.



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I fit a 29 gallon under my old 58. It is the max size for a standard dimension aquarium sump. Very little extra room. It was kind of a PITA.