Oceanic Biocube 14 FS


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I now have my 65 cube setup and am moving the inhabitants into it. Therefore the biocube is for sale.

I can send pics if you want but everyone knows what this looks like. Stock PC lighting. About 3 years old give/take a month or two. Bulbs replaced last month. I will provide3 sets to the buyer. All types. Dual actinic, 50/50, 10k, etc. No other modifications made.

One ballast is new (12 mo. old) the other is from original purchase. Slight scratching around interior corners. Can be touched up easy.

$125 OBO. Would also do partial trades for large leathers or Photo Gorgonians. Location is Ray/Recker in Gilbert.



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Ahh come on Ademster.
For better or worse, sickness and health, endless hobby committment.
Those were all part of the deal right? :)
Thanks for the bump.


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AWE MAN, I guess I am interested still...

Talked to the wife, I pitched it to her...
Told her it be perfect for her sea-horse.... or ________
Send me pictures