Oceanic Biocube 8 with rapidLEd


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Hey guys,

so i just go back into the hobby after a couple years break.

I downgraded and got a small biocube.
Before i start with the tank id like to upgrade the lighting and the filtration.

I was looking into the rapidled, they have a retrofit for the biocube 8 im really interested in this, or the AI nano. my first question is has anyone done this? and if so how did you like it. secondly what will 8 leds be strong enough to keep?

i also have lying around a Deltec MCE600 that i wont use unless i try to fit it into the tank. what are you thoughts on using a crazy strong Protein skimmer

my finished outcome tot he tank is to have a lighting strong enough for an ameone and clams, but also have a lid on the tank.

from past experiences ive felt like clean water is better even if its overkill.

im excited to get started:dance: