Oceanic Starfire 125g-150G how much$$$


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Does any one knows for how much you can buy the New Oceanic RR 125-150G Starfire front glass .

who normally sell them and what is the price range.
I am looking for one for FOWLR Aquarium



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BTW - my 120 with starphire, front panel only, was $740.
I've heard a few prices for a 120 being a few bucks less, but feel pretty good about my price on the tank.

The tank is pretty cool.
Euro-braced top, slim overflow box in the back w/cover & the starphire front.

The front glass looks to be about 1/2 thick with the sides being thinner. You can really tell the difference with the starphire glass.

Beware, these guys are very heavy.
You may need 3 or 4 guys with a few cases of beer to move a 150 tech tank :D


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Many starphire threads on RC that speak to the "technical" stuff.
LFS had a sample of starphire and normal tank glass and you can really tell the difference. No "green" tint with acrylic clarity.


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I am actually looking around right now to buy the 156G RR Oceanic and have been calling several LFS's to get a price (San Francisco Bay area). It ranged from $1100 to $1400.

LarryW wrote in his thread that he paid $1100 for his 120G tank and stand. Surprised me that the 156G tank without stand is $1100.

Anybody knows where to buy them cheaper in the SF bay area?


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Hey FW,

Tank was a special sale at my LFS, exotic aquatics, where he had rep's of tank manufacutures onsite and I received my/his LFS price or should I say my LFS cost price - no uplift on the tank & stand. He does this once a year.

My LFS made no money on the tank, but I got a great price.
He will make it up on the back end - fish, corals, etc.

This is not their nomal price points on thier tanks/stands.

I would think that if you have a good relationship with your LSF, you should get a similar price/deal. He is going to have a longer term relationship with his customers and make it up on the backend.

Nice guys at my LFS.


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I got a custom Oceanic "brick" style (no top brace, no euro brace, but 3/4" thick glass) for 1200. This is regular glass, not the tech series. Cost on this tank was 1170. Hope this helps?