Oceans Floor - Special Event this Weekend


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I was just at Oceans Floor, and Dave said they are having a big anniversary sale this Saturday. They are setting up new tanks to hold all the livestock they are going to have for this weekend. I know they are running specials on their memberships too.
Also, if you are looking for a 210 AGA tank - you may want to stop in - they have them for a GREAT price. I am picking mine up on Saturday.


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what is a great price ? did they have any 180g's ? the 210 might be too tall for me . I have been planning a custom acrylic , but would go glass for the right price.


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yahutch, I think the 210 is a little deeper (30") than the 180 gal at 24", but I thought it was the same height.

I was over there this afternoon. They sold a bunch, but still have a great selection!

Hope you made it there! :D