Octopus BH-800 HOB skimmer bubble problem


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I just purchased the Octopus BH-800 skimmer. I was concerned I would have issues getting the siphon and starting the flow. This was actually quite easy. My issue is the unit produces so many fine bubbles they get exhausted in the tank. So many bubbles I can not see the back of the tank when running.

I have an adjustment valve I use to try to adjust air intake to control bubble flow up the tube. I think I can get this adjusted but I can not handle the amount of bubbles in the tank. If I restrict the air too much it gets really noisy and sucks air in the intake tank. If I let the air run unrestricted there are way too many bubbles and I can not move cup up high enough to prevent overflow.

Also if I raise the cup above a hole in the wall between the center bubble chamber and the discharge chamber I get bubbles going through this hole too.

I am told this is normal for break in and it will go away in a couple of weeks. I can't imagine this as there are so many bubbles.

I see there are people here who have this model and have worked through this.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Hey how did it turn out for you on your bh800s? Ive had it for months and barely get any dry skimmate and its LOUD! Like pump rattling loud. I think air gets stuck in the intake somehow. Any tips?


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Mine seems to be working fine. I have had no issues other than a turbo snail geting into the exhaust tube while i was on vacation and causing some major problems. before I introduce any more large snails I will make some type of grate to cover the outlet. The snail crawled up the tube causing the filter to overflow.

I dont notice too much pump noise. Dont get me wrong it does make some noise. Do you have the baffel on the soft flexible hose? That is the main noise on my unit.

As far as the skimming have you tried to lower the skimmer box? Maker sure you watch it as if you go too low it will skim very wet and fill the box quickly.