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Hey guys just a heads up. I was at Fish Smart yesterday and they had two octopus for sale. The heads are no bigger than 2 inches. I thought it was really cool, I asked Raymond the owner, and he told me they were selling them around 29 each. I would love to have one but they are escape artist and with an open top, they wouldnt last one night in my tank.


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man i would love to have one but i need to make my 40g octo tank. i realy want to make this but dont know how to filter it.i have hurd manny stories of them crawling into the overflow and getting stuck in thier. can anyone help me wit the filtration on this one.

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Reef Life has one that was for sale....but it is now pregnant!

Cool to look at but sad, as this is the death sentence for mommy, as far as I understand :(

I hope they can get the babies to live, I just can't image a bunch of micro octopussys swimming around :)


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Yeah it is sad.....pregnancy for the pygmies is a death sentence for mom.

Cirofuentes.....check the octo forum, they have lots of ideas to make tank escape proof

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Why not just coveo the overflow with a screen of some sort where the water can pass through but not the octopus.


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cuz they will walk out of the water too... you need to seal any and all openings..

40 breeder octo tank is def on my list of cool sh!t to get one day...