Octopus HOB Skimmers


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Does anyone have experience with either the Octopus HB 800s or the BH 2000 that could chime in? I'm looking to upgrade to one of these and am trying to decide between the two. Is the 800S worth the extra $70? The upward facing drain on the 2000 looks like it might be rather noisy, is that the case? Is there anything else I should know (prone to overflow, noisy, etc)?


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I have a BH2000 running about a month now, and the skimmate is almost black. Very good skimmer

It doesn't overflow at all, it's a little noisy but makes less noise than my Remora did. That is only because it has an external pump that isn't muffled, nor does it heat the water. The surface skimmer on both this and the 800s is very effective

I am very pleased. Thinking about upgrading the impeller to the pinwheel impeller for the OTP2000 pump