Odor from a a new skimmer????


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I just got a MSX2S cone skimmer. I set it up 2 hours ago and now there is an odor in the laundry room where the sump is. The smell is a cross between light oil/burning.

My previous skimmer (ASM-G2) made this same smell after I did a mesh mod. I thought I damaged the sump w/ the mod so I decided to upgrade my skimmer. But now the brand new MSX cone is doing the same thing.

What could this be? What am I doing wrong?


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We have a winner!!!! It was the power strip! I don't know how it got damaged. It's on the wall about a foot to the side of the sump, w/ drip loops.

It was on a GFCI plug that tripped.

Now I think I want to have 2 dedicated GFCI lines put in for the tank so I don't have to use the plug in GFC protectors. How much would an electrician charge for this?

Also, is the equipment that was plugged into the powerstrip ok? There doesn't seem to be much/any corrosion on the plugs.

Thank you very much for helping this electrically challenged chick reefer out!