Odyssea Protein Skimmer (Bak Pak 2 Rip)?


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Hi, I twisted too hard when cleaning my Bak Pak 2 in screwing the arms together and snapped them off. I can't find an online retailer that has replacement parts (not even Drs. Foster and Smith), and you can't buy directly from the manufacturer

Anyway, I found an Odyssea Protein Skimmer (obvious rip off of Bak Pak 2), and it's sooo much cheaper than a Bak Pak 2. I'm sure it's crappy, but for a 30 gal tank, I would assume it will do the trick.

Anyone ever try one of their skimmers?

I don't know the rules about posting links, but if you go to aquatraders . com you can see them listed there and a screenshot.


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Their skimmers look exactly the same as the cpr, their store is right around the block from where I work. And I have seen them and they are the same.