Oh boy oh boy!!


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Just bought a 240!! WOW is that alot of tank!!! Planning to move in about 4 months, and have been searching for a 110 for about 2 months. Everytime I find one it's gone before I can even contact the people.
Anyway found this tank. Missing parts, the guy owned a fish store and stripped the parts that he felt he could sell in his store. GRRRRR
Made me mad with the way he was doing the deal and he's lost my business in his store. He was wanting to tack on an additional 300 for each halogen and an extra 250 for his pump. I told him to go ahead and put them in his store. I know I can find better prices for new online.
The plan is to get all the stuff we need before the move, then set up the 240 and have it running for a few days before we move the fish and corals out of the 75.
Plan to take the used sand and some water from the 75. Any other suggestions to make this as unstressful for the tank as possible?