Oh... HI!!!


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I can't believe it! I still know my password! How's it been 'round here? I'm gonna try to be a little more social now that my kid is here, and (sort of) on a routine.

Long story short, my tank is disgusting and I have been discouraged and overwhelmed, bordering on giving up for a couple months. How about you all? :D

On a side note, I need some help with my tank, namely making room and procuring funds/resources. Check out that post if you're interested, but that's not my only reason for posting.

What have I missed? Anyone even remember me??? It feels like it's been years... :eek: LOL


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Hey man. Congratulations on your child. We have been wondering where you have been.


What he said, congrats! I was just talking about you the other day wondering if you would be back.


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Good to hear you and yours are doing Ok Brad. Was definitely wonderingg what had happened to you!


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We thought you might have got mugged by a pole again and you were laying in a ditch somewhere with Dsmack. Congrats an the kid and welcome back to the real world!


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Congrats on the kid (again :D)! Now get your act together:hammer:


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Congrats on the kid (again :D)! Now get your act together:hammer:

Thanks man! I needed to hear that. I think...

I have been trying to do that for weeks. But I barely know where to start. There's SO much to do. I need to get my sand clean like you wouldn't believe, my rockwork is full of detritus, and I tore up my hands just razoring my front glass last night. I think I am gonna chunk up some corals and take them somewhere to trade for salt. Then I'll try doing some catch-up.

I might even sell my blue carpet and use the money to get some sand sifting gobies. :fun5: