OK, i know you are sick of me asking for advice, but what about this....???


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I like those lights. Also if you buy from the people on Ebay, I think there name was Auqa Cave. I bought my MH from them. They were great to deal with. I had a problem with 1 of my Ballest going bad in 2 weeks and they told me just send it back for a new 1. So if you buy from them buy with confidence.


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Those are both the same light. I think they would be great on a tank up to 90 gallons for just about anything but sps.


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yea, i have heard many say that the downfall to the unit is that it doesnt have individual reflectors on it......are you sure you can add ind. reflectors to a unit like that?


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ok cool, thanks that saved me some time....so, what would the reflectors do? i know it makes more light output, but like, does it increase the life of things, or what? and could i have SPS if i only have a 75 gallon and these lights?


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the proper individual bulb reflectors are supposed to boost a lights output by something rediculous like 300% - correct me if im wrong? It is what makes having T5s a viable alternative to MH lights


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I have this exact fixture on my 75, and when it starts to get dark, it lights up my whole living room, and makes the windows look like they are glowing from the outside.

I think individual reflectors would do a much better job of focusing that light back into the tank rather than it bleeding out all of the sides.

I am considering disecting the fixture and putting the parts into a custom hood. If I do that, I will definately change to individual reflectors. I'm not sure how well they would fit in the existing fixture, it's pretty compact.

If I had to do it over again, I would have paid the extra money for the TEK fixture with individual reflectors.

I only have a few soft corals in my tank, and they do well under that light. I haven't tried to keep any SPS under it.

- Jeff