ok I'm having issues with a Hippo Tang and I have a true flower pot that is growing


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hippo has a issue with ick and yellow tang is thriving, plus a square anthia male is starving a little. I am having a problem with dinoflaglits. I cut back on feeding of zooplant. hippo has been in hospital for 7 days with doses of formlin no water changes in hospital. my r.o. has been down for two weeks. I have been getting water from the lfs in the me
an time for top off for the display and hospital. dinoflaglits have been starting to recede to 20 to 30% of sand cover. I have had yellow tang for 4 months and had hippo for 5 days before ick. My yellow had ick after 15 days of introduced and I treated with formlin and no problems, however this hippo tang thing is different. I would like any suggestions on how to proceed with this adventure.
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I have no idea what the goniopora has to do with anything, but IMHO there are only two ways to treat for ich -- copper, or hyposalinity. there's a great FAQ on ich in the disease treatment forum, if you want more detailed information on how to use these methods.

Sounds like you didn't quarantine your fish before introducing them to the display -- this is a must with tangs (all fish really).

The anthias may just not be getting enough food - these guys are big eaters, they need to be fed multiple times daily in order to thrive. Sounds simple, but try feeding him more and see how he does.

Dinos are easy to tackle IME -- turn ALL the lights off for three days, leave the tank in complete darkness. Make sure you've got plenty of oxygenation (skimmer, water falling into the sump etc.) to combat the effects of the dinos dying off, and it can really help to use a diatom or other fine-filter media to clear the water as well. At the end of three days, turn on the actinics only for day four. Day five, resume normal lighting -- the dinos should be completely gone.