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So a few months ago I decided to use some aptasia-x to get rid of the one aptasia that i had or should i say could see. now on the same rock there are about 50 or so that i can see so I wanted to get rid of them and i am not going to use the aptasia-x again, so i went to the lfs and got a peppermint shrimp. Got home and got him in the tank, he didnt last more than an hour. My cleaner shrimp chased him down and ate him. the cleaner is about 3" and the peppermint was about an inch. should i bother to get another but get a bigger one ? Just dont want to keep buying them if he is going to keep eating them.


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Pep shrimps are typically hit or miss. I wouldn't put more money into them. If you can, pull the rock and scrub it, bleach it, and put it back in after a few weeks of good soaking.

If it is on more than that rock, you could look into getting some berghia nudibranch. They do a great job of eating aiptasia, and only eat aiptasia.



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I used this method http://www.garf.org/news7p1.shtml#PEST

I ended up using RO/DI water just to be on the safe side. I had one that retracted into a hole in the rock. I pulled out the rock and shot lots of it into there.

I have yet to see an aptasia in the aquarium since. I do have a peppermint shrimp, but I think he just eats crap on the bottom of the rock and not a single aptasia. I have seen no ill effect of anything in the aquarium since using this method (but I don't have much livestock).


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The problem with Pepperment shrimp is 2 things.

1 - If I remember correctly, its the female pepperments that eat the aiptasia. Thats why its a hit or miss when you buy them.

2 - Camel Shrimp are mistaken for pepperment shrimp all of the time. Some LFS dont know the difference & are selling the Camel shrimp as a pepperment shrimp because it was sold to them as a pepperment shrimp.

If you get a Camel Shrimp....its not going to touch the aiptasia.


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I say nuke 'em.

Take the rock out, pour some Kalkwasser paste over the holes where the aiptasias are retracted, let it work for a minute or two and put the rock back in the tank.

Works like a charm.

You can buy it at Walmart (Mrs Wages Pickling Lime).