Old, old Flame Hawkfish :/


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​Well, looks like I'm going to loose this guy. 😢 This Flame Hawk was bought in summer of 2004 and has been a fixture sitting atop the rockwork watching people go by. It's still eating well but the last few weeks it's behavior has changed markedly and slightly more recent it's colors have started to fad. It's picked a quite corner under a rock where it watches everyone and is not nearly as active. Not the first time I've seen this process - an old fish slows down and starts looking kinda ratty like old cats or old dogs when their coats have faded. (Since people will ask the most recent additions to this system was a Yellow Watchman Goby in 2018, Yellow Tang was rehomed to this tank in 2013 [original purchased in 2000] and a pair of percula clowns added in 2010, damsels and Coral Beauty were added with the Hawk in 2004.)

Flame Hawk Pic 1

Flame Hawk Pic 2

Flame Hawk sitting on mushrooms (right middle)

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Sorry to hear Tim. It's never easy to loose a fish, especially one that you've had this long and is a main character of the tank.


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I'm sorry to hear that. It's always a sad time when you see and know his time is ending. Prayers and good vibes sent your way. Also, well done for keeping him alive and healthy for darn near 20 years.

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Yeah, he had a good life, but like everything growing old is just a fact of life. They are such cool fish.