Old school Aquasurf / ACIII programming question


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I have a biocube 29g and as it turns out, buying a ACIII pro with DC8 was actually cheaper than 3 good timers, a powerstrip and a high end heater with good thermostat. Plus I can program cool stuff like turn the lights off if the tank gets too hot which I already have done.

Now I want to ramp the 6055 down to 30% power if the tank overheats. I know it's not much but it could save 10 watts of heat and in a tank that small every watt counts.

Here is my current slate, what would I need to add?

Pmp MODE sd for PF1 // profile 1
Pmp Int 035/100 for PF1
Pmp OSC 04/04/00 for PF1

Pmp MODE sd for PF2 // profile 2
Pmp Int 030/045 for PF2
Pmp OSC 10/10/00 for PF2

If Timer LT2 = ON Then TZ1 PF1 //more power during the day
If Timer LT2 = OFF Then TZ1 PF2 //less power less changes during the night