OMG - Am so disappointed with myself!!


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Have just fixed a Tunze NS holder with super glue. Put it back in the tank and a piece of the glue has floated off. My Purple Tang has thought it was food and has tried to eat it. It is now glued to the PT's lips. Fortunately it is only attached to the upper jaw so he can still breath.
I have read about this happening on a few occasions. I knew it potentially could and i took no care in what I was doing at all. I feel real bad and really stupid. My poor fish.

I've already read the other threads. Usually it turns out ok after a couple of days. I hope , in this case, the same happens.
Anyway, I had to write that for a bit of therapy. A school boy error which has ruined my evening, hopefully not my week!!!!


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Hope that your fish will be OK. Don't be too hard on yourself. Mistakes happen and this one sounds like it won't do any permanent harm.