One month ago...


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I started with my pre-cycled tank. It came with a couple of mushrooms and that's about it. After one month of growth, lots of help from several of you on here this is how my tank now looks. This is also day 1 of vitamin c treatment, we'll see how it effects growth. The pictures aren't the best, several things are closed/not as bright or open as they usually are but it will give you a general idea of what it all looks like.

November 1st:

Nov. 30th

Firefish and sea urchin


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I ran out of rock room, and want to say I've seen pictures of someone else who has done it, but not positive. Also the frag stands that are up on the sides figured why not do it with actual corals...hoping they don't fall once they're bigger.


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I know that and everything right now is set up so it's mobile so I'll either break them off if they start to shadow or just move what is under neath them.


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I'd suggest you to glue them closer to the top of the rock even if it's on glass, a better natural look.