one of thoses days


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It shure is a great mourning,
woke up at 6:00 power was off, softie tank did a anti syphon
holes are pluged- power water change around 4:00 in the mourning.
Walked out and all was quiet and heard the dreaded squish squish when i walked.
Soooo, mixed up,warmed up 15 gallons . ro unit was due so changed filters and resin.
Ran the wet vac for a hour or so.

I still have some work to due, should of had this set up so it would not happen. but feel lucky was going to go away for the week end. would of had the same mess but ground fault blew when it was spilling over so would of been worse.

all before 7:30 so much for sleeping in.


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Wow, here i thought my morning was going bad, i forgot to turn my heater back on after doing a water change last night. Tank got down to 72 but im sure it will be fine.

I hate squishy carpet!! Sounds like you might need a nap a little bit later.


Hope all is well.

musty baby

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I see you both and raise you one shelled Blazer transmission, on my way back from the twin cities, last night.

Just when you think nothing can go worse, right?


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Don't know what side of town you live on Randy, but my parents are on the North side and lost power as well. Sorry to here about the tank.


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Randy, glad to hear all is ok. Our basement flooded Thursday, sump pump failed. And today our central air decided to quit working!!:(


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Yep, with all the rain last week. I came home wed night to a waterfall in the basement. The drainpipe that runs from the sump to the outdoors had come loose due to a rusty hose clamp. Half an inch of water in the basement...


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one of those day

one of those day

Well I wish I only had a bad day, seems never to be the case.
sorry to hear the ac went out coralfreak, hope the tank is not getting hot.
Thats my biggist fear come july or aug.

oh well all we can do is smile, and cuss when no one is looking ....