One spot foxface please help


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Yes, mottling is a common thing with stressed Foxfaces.
They can be quite the Chameleon.

Talk nice and calm to it for a while to sooth it.


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Foxfaces change color when sleeping and/or stressed. If he's breathing heavily as well as changing color it's because he is *not happy* at the moment.



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Be careful and do not touch him bare-handed: that top spine is as toxic as a fiddleback spider bite, and is really painful. Use a net or dip bucket for this fellow.


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Oh and he's eating

Make sure to give him nori(seaweed) or some type of edible macro algae to munch on throughout the day! Mine loves Flame Algae. As far as regular food mine enjoys tetra marine flakes, spirulina fed mysis shrimp, rods and "mega marine algae" :)