One spot foxface


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My foxface is quite young not that big, has been in the tank for about 8 weeks now. Its a very skittish fish, dives for cover and changes colour even if I open the flap to feed. Other than that I have no concern, eats well, gets on with the other fish. I have noticed though that the black bar at the top where its spot is rarely if ever goes away. Is this normal, I only ask as it never looks like the reference pictures with the black dot against a bright yellow body.

300l (80g) tank
36 kg crushed coral and aragonite substrate
40kg live rock
Deltec mce600 skimmer
1000lph filter pump
Filter floss
1 2800 lph pump,( hydor koralia 3200)
1x hydor koralia 1600 pump

1 algae blenny
1 kole tang
1 Royal gramma
1 adorned wrasse
1 One spot foxface
1 coral beauty

1 strawberry conch
3 nassarius snails
6 small red legged hermits
1 Mexican turbo snail
1 tuxedo urchin
1 tube anemone
1 boxer shrimp

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You mean that dark area on his back where yellow should be? Looks like he has the colouration of a magnificent foxface. Is he a magnificent foxface or some sort of hybrid? He might also be agitated or something. My convict tang completely changes colours when he's agitated, so maybe your foxface looks dusky because he's agitated.
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Looks fine to me. He's reacting a little to the course of the tang, who is the other most dangerous critter present, but no great alarm, just a 'stay off me' and the coloring could be associated with that. That forward spine of his is venomous, even to us. And both are young, with plenty of growth potential, which could produce a problem over a couple of years, but neither looks alarmed. One thing I do caution when dealing with a rabbit: if you do have to move rocks, they tend to freak and plaster themselves TO a rock, and a bad grab can deal a nasty wound for the owner. Wear not only waterproof gloves but leather gloves under the waterproof when doing a blind operation with one of these guys present. I was very glad I did: they're sneaky fellows.