Ooh Ooh that smell


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So finally, after two weeks, I went ahead and took 80 to 100 lbs of LR out of sump to get that darn fish. Lil bugger swam in through the drain via a small hole in my rock wall then up and over the overflow. ...not once, but 3 times. I thought for sure this stupid lil bugger wont wanna go back behind the rock wall again into my cryptic slash extra LR and closed circ pump area AGAIN. But it did, so I left it out of frustration of pulling it 2 other times in the previous week. Thing came out FAT but not particularly happy. Lodged itself to the underside of one of the last 5 or 6 rocks I had in there, then dropped into the water that drained off the rocks into the tub I was using.....ooh ooh that smell. I almost forgot how much i like the smell of LR. My rocks are all mortared in place, which can be a real pain when it comes to cleaning time, and of course I never take the rocks out of the sump. But man did it smell good. Glad i had that going for me. anyway, just wanted to share the little things i enjoy.

and i used 2 layers of eggcrate tied together so the squares are all cut in 4 smaller squares to block those pesky holes. i have only had 2 small snails venture back there in the past, and gladly to no avail.

have a good day. what are the little things you love....and if you say skimmer cup smell, well thats just wierd